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          • Weld quality products in a timely matter with precision and efficiency
          • MIG and TIG welding
          • Clean and maintain equipment
          • Operate equipment safely, efficiently, effectively and respectfully
          • Must be able to read and interpret drawings, blue prints, welding process specifications and workorders
          • Required to accurately log in/out of jobs and report quantities completed/scrapped
          • Verifies print matches part being fabricated/welded
          • Maintain tolerances and finish quality on job during production and upon completion
          • Involve engineers if parts found to be out of tolerance
          • Notify supervisor of quality/tolerance issues prior to running job
          • Must use basic hand-held measuring tools
          • Foresee problems and implement preventative solutions
          • Understand mechanics and work closely with Mechanical Assembly
          • Work with Management to create precise products
          • Ability to work with minimal supervision
          • Brake press/machining and Bridgeport operation a plus

          Interested persons may send their resume and cover letter to:

          Attn: Human Resources
          Hines Industries
          240 Metty Drive
          Ann Arbor, MI 48103-9498

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