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Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving Back


Hines Industries is contributing to ending rural poverty in West Africa through impact investing and knowledge transfer to support small farmers with machinery services.


Hines Industries is a sponsor for the University of Michigan SAE MRacing Team. Formula SAE gives students the opportunity to work together to engineer and build a racecar. The competition provides members with the opportunity to apply classroom concepts and to promote careers in engineering, manufacturing, testing, business, etc. Hines provides balancing services along with a donation to help the team succeed building a racecar. Read more about MRacing here

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Hines Industries provides balancing services to the Michigan Hyperloop team. Read more about Michigan Hyperloop here


FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) gives students of all ages a chance to work alongside adult coaches to discover and solve a scientific problem. Hines has made a monetary contribution to team Abbot Asteroids I and Abbot Asteroids II to compete in the First Robotics Competition. Rimpi (shown above) is an Electrical Engineer at Hines Industries who volunteers as a team coach as well as Hines CEO, Dawn Hines. Learn more about First Robotics here

Latest News

Hines releases new innovated crankshaft balancing machine
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