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          Hines Sponsors FIRST LEGO League Jr.

          Giving Back


          FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) gives students of all ages a chance to work alongside adult coaches to discover and solve a scientific problem. This year’s theme was Mission Moon where students built a moon base consisting of basic resources such as air, water, oxygen, food, etc. Students used LEGOS to build and program a robot. FIRST Lego League JR World Festival Expo will take place in Detroit from April 24-27, 2019 where students will present their ideas with a poster and presentation.


          Rimpi (shown above) is an Electrical Engineer at Hines Industries who volunteers as a team coach for Abbot Asteroids II. Rimpi enjoys teaching the children team building and problem solving skills. 

          CEO, Dawn Hines (shown above) is a team coach for Abbot Asteroids I. Hines Industries is proud to sponsor and coach team Abbot Asteroids I and Abbot Asteroids II. 

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