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          Hines HC 5000 For Sale

          Hines HC 5000 For Sale

          Hines Industrial HC-5000 Large Crankshaft Balancing Machine For Sale


          The Hines Industries Model HC-5000 balancing machine is a computer based, dynamic (two plane), or static (single plane) manual load, single station, balancing machine configured for balancing crankshafts weighing up to 5000 lb. A drill will be mounted on a slide for in-place correction of unbalance. The drill is adjustable to set up a range of part dimensions and is manually fed in operation. 

          Windows Based Computer

          An Industrial PC utilizing the Windows operating system, with a flat panel touch screen. Additional features provided with the computer include:
          ? User-friendly on-screen menu system for quick and easy operator use
          ? High-resolution, flat panel, touch screen displays large characters
          ? Unbalance amount is displayed in digital and vector-graphic simultaneously
          ? Display of unbalance AMOUNT and ANGLE, and TOLERANCE
          ? Special Multi-plane correction calculations

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