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Clutch Balancing Machine

HVR50SA Spinic Clutch HousingHines designs and manufactures balancing machines to balance clutches and clutch components. 

Shown are Hines dynamic vertical balancing machines configured and tooled for balancing clutches. The Hines Industries Model HVR balancing machine is a computer based, single (optional two) plane, manual load, single station, balancing machine. 


The balance mechanism uses a rugged hard suspension HVR (vertical axis, rotating) spindle to support the weight of the workpiece and the air actuated tooling.  The base is concrete filled for stability and mass.

General Features:
  • Precise correction information in one spin
  • Permanent calibration
  • Powerful motor to spin and stop parts quickly
  • Touch screen and intuitive menu displays
  • Spindle brake for on-machine correction
  • Part parameter storage for later recall
  • Operator confidence with repeatable part balancing


For more information about the Hines Vertical Rotating Balancing Machine (HVR), click here.


Video of Semi Automated Clutch Machine



Customer Showcase

"Our Hines balancer is working wonderfully for us. Your people have been very helpful when we do have a service need. The machine has served us well. Everybody has been very helpful and very prompt when we had a problem."


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