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Automotive & Industrial Truck

icuttingHines balances components others say can't be balanced.

Hines has been providing fully automated balancing and production process improvement equipment to the truck and automotive industry from since 1979.
Hines has the experience and technology to balance components and assemblies that other companies say cannot be balanced. Some examples are turbineautomatic balancing machine for sales or other spinning parts with super tight balance tolerances, motor-fan assemblies, rotors with mass of 1000’s of Kgs, counter weighted components such as an externally balanced damper, and blowers with high scrap rates due to not enough material to remove. Hines can add gaging and other measuring devices to our Fully automatic balancing machine manufacturerbalancing machines because we are holding the part precisely.

Balancers can be integrated with multi-axis robotics and conveyor systems to meet the tolerances and high throughput required by the automotive industry. In addition, Hines also provides a full line of engine and driveline rebuilding machines and equipment.

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Hines releases new innovated crankshaft balancing machine
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